Thursday, August 9, 2012

MoveOn: We're Getting Beat!

Panic on the left?

I'll let you decide.

Here's a copy of a recent email from the liberal kooks at MoveOn:

Dear MoveOn member,

We're getting beat and it's time to wake up.

The unlimited money ushered in by Citizens Unitedmeans the right wing could outspend progressives 2 to 1 this election—and Romney's just out raised President Obama for the third straight month.

Congressional Republicans sabotaged our economic recovery by crashing the debt ceiling and blocking every jobs measure put forward by the president. Republican governors drastically cut jobs, offsetting private sector job gains. Now Romney is blaming Obama for high unemployment.

Republicans passed Jim Crow style voter suppression laws that will disenfranchise millions of progressive voters, targeting low income folks, people of color, and the young.

And the worst of it is—we're still asleep. Because despite all this, a Gallup Poll shows that Democrats are much less enthusiastic about voting than Republicans. That means we lose.

MoveOn members are 7 million strong. We have a proven record of creative, dynamic, and grassroots election campaigning. From launching the most talked about political ads to running the most inventive and effective voter contact programs, MoveOn can provide the shot in the arm that progressives need right now.

But to do that we need to double our number of "movement makers"—the members who make a regular monthly donation—from 15,000 to 30,000. Can you help join the wake up call?

In past elections MoveOn members funded one of the most covered political ads, for the least money, in history. We also produced one of the most effective voter contact programs ever studied. But with a torrent of 1% money being unleashed, we need to double the impact of our election plan:
Showing America that Mitt Romney is running for President of the 1% through creative ads and daring actions on the ground.

Fighting back against Republican voter suppression of the Rising American Electorate—the people of color, single women, and young people who helped elect President Obama in 2008.

Making calls, knocking on doors, and using innovative new technology to register and turn out as many progressive voters as humanly possible.
Just imagine taking everything we can do together and doubling it. That's what our goal of reaching 30,000 movement makers is all about. For a small regular donation each month you can become a MoveOn movement maker and make that happen.

Contributing to any cause or community of people, especially making a regular contribution, is an act of great trust and faith. Today you can place your faith in a community of 7 million fellow MoveOn members and trust that your contribution will help empower their passion, commitment, and energy.

Thanks for all you do.

Aside from their delusion about "Jim Crow style voter suppression laws" (the actual laws require voters to prove who they are, thus eliminating illegal voters and the dead . You can see why the Democrat party would be panicked), I especially liked the bit about "Congressional Republicans sabotaged our economic recovery..".

It's comical how backwards they are. At the same time it's frightening how many Americans actually believe such things.

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