Friday, August 10, 2012

Is Media Setting Up Excuses For Obama's Loss In November?

Is it me, or is does it seem strange for the media and Obama to be drawing attention to the fact that he's being out-spent and out-done in fundraising?

After all, we're talking about Barack Obama who obliterated every political fundraising and spending record in U.S. history in 2008. Being outdone in 2012 is kind of like an admission of failure, isn't it?

I think it is.

I see two explanations for this admission:

  1. Team Obama is hoping to strike fear in the hearts of liberals in the hopes of spurring them to empty their savings to support their guy.
  2. The media is sowing the seeds of excuse for his eventual (possible in their eyes) defeat come November.

Evidence of the first can be seen in recent MoveOn mailings. Incidentally, Team Obama also used his birthday as a fundraising event. If that isn't desperation, I don't know what is..

Evidence of the second point can be seen in various media articles that reference the fundraising gap. By way of example, I offer you: Money corrupts politics more than you realize- MSN Money.

Of course, articles like that never mention the corruption in giving tax payer funded "stimulus" money to Union backers by way of a sham bankruptcy (see: How the Obama Auto Bailout Screwed Taxpayers and Paid Off Unions )

The purpose of this recent media blitz is to pave the way for such slogans as:

"Romney and the Koch brothers bought the election"

The background message to all of this is: "money, money, money." which will lead the left to recycle calls for campaign finance reform.

It will be used to distract the population from the obvious cause of Obama's loss: rejection of liberal policies.

They will not admit that defeat.

They will blame "messaging" and "big money," but they will not question their own failure.

The truth is that it will be Obama's record of stewardship that will sink his re-election effort:

 Come November, Obama will be seen as what he is - just another big government failure.

Obama - Big Government Failure

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