Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Truth About Romney's 47% Remark.

Liberals have been having a field day with Governor Romney's remarks about The 47%.

At the heart of it, they want voters to believe that Romney called 47% of Americans lazy sponges, and said he's written them off. Of course, he said no such thing but context doesn't matter where political points can be scored.

The 47% figure was part of a donor's question and it comes from reports that about 47% of Americans receive some kind of government benefit and pay no income Tax.

Liberal bloggers have taken to categorizing these 47% who don't pay taxes. They profile single parent families, hard working Americans who pay their mortgage on time and have a steady job. They point out that within that 47% are retirees who receive social security checks, or medicare benefits. Some of the 47% are even veterans who received aid to get a college education after serving on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The problem of course is that Romney is not talking about them. The basis of Romney's remark is that a platform of tax cuts and keeping taxes rates low doesn't hold much sway over people who receive benefits and pay nothing (or little) for them.

Liberals say that a President needs to be President for 100% of Americans, not just 53%. Implying that Romney essentially only cares about little more than half of the country's citizens.

In actuality, Romney's remarks were in reference to campaigning. He's acknowledging that there is a percentage of the American electorate that will vote for Obama no matter what Romney does or says (or Obama for that matter), and he's not going to expend resources trying to change their minds while there are others who have not yet decided.

It's the same for Obama. There is a part of the electorate that is simply never going to vote for him. It would be foolish for him to focus his resources on trying to win their votes.

The 47% in Romney's sound-bite is rhetorical shorthand for the people dependent upon government assistance for subsistence. Nothing more.

But liberals know this, and they also know that most Americans actually agree with Romney. It's why they're too frightened to share the video with their supporters.

For the record, I happen to believe that not everyone in the rhetorical 47% - those on food stamps, unemployment benefits, and other welfare recipients - want to be there. The Democrat party is trying to grow the dependency class, there's no doubt about that, but not everyone in that class wants to be there and I believe a good many of them will vote against Obama in November.

We shall see.

Romney's original remarks (RSS Subscribers may have to read the post on the blog to view the video):

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Same Speeches. Same Promises. Are You Better Off?

President Obama gives his acceptance speech tonight and lays out his vision for the next four years, should we be unlucky enough for him to win reelection.

He cannot run on his record, so he will attempt to convince voters he has not been President for the last four years. Of course, not everyone will fall for this bait-and-switch tactic, so he will have to convince those who know good and well that he is the incumbent and not the agent of change that his agenda was held hostage by evil right-wing extremists seeking to restore government to its proper size and scope, and force it to live within its means.

Leaving aside obvious implications of his lack of leadership evident in his failure and unwillingness to compromise, I think it's important to remember that his reelection campaign consists largely of the same speeches and the same broken promises.

All of his attempts are meant to keep you from considering the question:

Are You Better Off?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best of National Empty Chair Day

Clint Eastwood sparked an internet sensation with his offbeat debate with an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention last week.

Eastwood's "dialog" with an empty chair led to National Empty Chair Day - where thousands of photographs showing an empty chair as a metaphor for Obama.

Here are my picks for the best of 'National Empty Chair Day'

Obama sitting in front of his flagship alternative energy investment.

Obama taking a break from a round of golf for a beer summit

Obama's Jobs Council. Very diverse...

In the end, Empty Chair Day was an extension of Eastwood's inspired improv speech which only provided a visual focal point for what many Americans already knew - Obama is an empty suit. His words are just words and carry no weight or significance because his actions undermine them at every turn.

At last, the REAL Obama.