Thursday, September 6, 2012

Same Speeches. Same Promises. Are You Better Off?

President Obama gives his acceptance speech tonight and lays out his vision for the next four years, should we be unlucky enough for him to win reelection.

He cannot run on his record, so he will attempt to convince voters he has not been President for the last four years. Of course, not everyone will fall for this bait-and-switch tactic, so he will have to convince those who know good and well that he is the incumbent and not the agent of change that his agenda was held hostage by evil right-wing extremists seeking to restore government to its proper size and scope, and force it to live within its means.

Leaving aside obvious implications of his lack of leadership evident in his failure and unwillingness to compromise, I think it's important to remember that his reelection campaign consists largely of the same speeches and the same broken promises.

All of his attempts are meant to keep you from considering the question:

Are You Better Off?

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