Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Obama Really Losing Women Voters?

There are a couple of tried and true methods for finding the truth in politics. One is to follow the money, but another less quoted technique is to follow a politicians actions and not his words.

For example, the Democrat party and their supporters in the press have made much ado about nothing in their recent attempts to manufacture a "republican war on women." It's simply the latest in their tactic to distract and divide Americans in an election year.

Democrats know they cannot win running on Obama's record of failure, so they hope to carve up the constituents - slice and dice the voting public - and use every method of distraction and pandering imaginable to pit one faction against another and pull out a modest victory in numbers, and not ideas.

My how far we've fallen from Hope and Change.

Recent polls have "shown" that Women Boost Obama Over Romney - a phenomenon they attribute to the Democrat party's "War on Women" slogan.

But here's where looking beyond the hype comes into play.

If the phony War on Women rhetoric was really working, and if it was true that women prefer Obama to Romney, 57- 38, why would Obama be pandering anew to this all so important slice of voters?

On May 14th, Obama gave a commencement address at Barnard College - an all-female school.

During his speech, Obama "focused on the achievements and challenges facing women". In fact, the word “Women” was mentioned more times than any other word in his speech - more than "America", "Jobs" and "work". Mind you, this is at a time when the economy, jobs and getting back to work are the most important issues to most Americans.

Does this make any sense for a candidate that, we are told, is annihilating his competition in the race to win women voters?

And at about the same time, Obama is courting women voters on The View.

This simply does not add up. When does a candidate pander so heavily to a voting bloc? When he knows he cannot count on their support being in hand.

The truth in this case is readily apparent: Don't buy the spin, Obama is in trouble and he knows it.

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